State of art Operation Theatre

The Operation Theatre complex houses three ultra modern operating rooms. We are cognizant of the risk of infections being transmitted to patients during surgery. This is why we have instituted well-defined infection control measures and microbiological monitoring protocols that conform to the latest industry standards that minimize chances of infection at the surgical site.

Our robust infection control protocols ensure that airborne particles are eliminated from the operating rooms, preventing the spread of airborne bacterial and viral organisms.

Each operating room is equipped with:

  • Steel clad walls for optimum infection control
  • Ceiling mounted anesthesia machines
  • Operating tables fitted with electronically controlled state of the art medical equipment to ensure maximum patient comfort and unparalleled precision during surgery

To ensure there is no clutter or risk of tripping during surgery, all power lines, gas lines and communication lines run on the ceiling.

The recovery room is equipped with four bed sections, and has been designed to ensure better post surgical recovery.