Paediatric Consultation

One of the first people you call when your child is sick is your pediatrician. Pediatricians are medical practitioners who can help maintain the overall wellness of infants, adolescents, young adults, etc. That’s why it’s important for parents to choose the right pediatrician for their child. Right from minor health-related problems to serious diseases, you can consult a pediatrician to seek help for treating a wide range of childhood issues. Don’t know when to see a pediatrician and what to do? Here’s everything you need to know about what a pediatric consultation is.

What Is A Pediatric Consultation?

As a parent, you should begin to choose your child’s pediatrician while you’re still pregnant. Your child’s relationship with the pediatrician will start soon after birth. That’s when your ‘well-child visit’ consultations will begin. A well-child visit is an important part of your child’s pediatric consultation. For that, you’ll probably have to visit their clinic several times a year. So, right from birth till 5 years of age, you’ll have to book an appointment with your pediatrician for regular physical checkups along with counseling. It’s during these visits that your pediatrician will help with your child’s immunization.

When you go to a pediatrician for a well-child visit, your pediatrician will monitor your child’s physical as well as emotional development. Along with that, they also help you understand your child’s eating and sleeping schedules. After your child completes 5 years of age, you can consult the pediatrician for annual checkups.